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We collect, structure and parse data, create quality databases which are key to data based decision making.
Our solutions for data collection and analysis are based on algorithms and applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence tools.


E-commerce / Retail

Managing a large number of SKUs and pricing them for best results is a challenge. With Imum tools at your disposal you can receive daily information about the market and enhance your pricing and purchasing. This can be transferred to your regular retail, as consumers tend to price-check online even when they visit the store.

Classified ads

Secondary markets are traditionally opaque and large classified marketplaces are one of the solutions. Many are too large to analyze or keep historical data. Imum solutions help you keep track of all information in classified ads, which provides both qualitative and quantitative assessment of vendors and the items sold.

Custom Solutions

Empower data to maximize your business potential with custom-built solutions. We combine various data sources, customer-facing tools, AI, analytics and more.

Adaptability & Scale

Our products easily adapt to various business needs and industries. Our clients vary from retailers, marketplaces, product brands to large enterprises. 

Car Valuation Tool

The automation of data collection, parsing and machine learning are powering Imum produced tools for valuation. They allow quick glance into the value of large assets based on industry know-how and regulatory requirements. Can be used to value large car fleets   based on historical data on market prices, market transactions and future demand and supply. 

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Gynėjų st. 14, Vilnius


Contacts: +37063622778

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