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With practical use cases across a broad range of industries, we offer a perfect solution for businesses looking to stay competitive and make data-based decisions by using actual information. Whether you are looking to build a better pricing structure for your products or simply stay informed about your competitors, we have all you need.



We track products and brands from the niche-specific websites to leading platforms like Amazon, Allegro or eBay. Our tools provide valuable insights that make it easier to make the right pricing choices and pick the correct position in e-commerce.





Clasified ads

Get the most out of your pricing strategy. By monitoring specified websites our tracking tool provides you with detailed insights and historical data about your product or brand performance. With our powerful filtering options, you can group and categorise your data by specific needs, and easily analyse trends.





With our advanced monitoring system, you can easily integrate with specific portals that require API or other integration and gain access to specific sources and data sets. We also offer custom solutions that can be tailored to your specific business needs.

Offline Sources

& Registries

Use Cases

We match and compare your products with competitors to find the best selling price in the market, giving you a head start each day. Our analytics tools process data with specific filters to give you the most wanted insights.

Price & discount setting

We can monitor the historic availability data of products in the stores. You can adjust your own pricing or discount policy according to the product’s availability in the market and get a competitive advantage.

Historical data analysis

Know your supplier policies across the market. Using historical data you can track discount campaigns that you should not miss and make sure you are not overlooked by your suppliers.

Purchase negotiations

Learn what sells and where. Regular observation of your competitors’ allows you to track assortment, prices, variety of discounts, behavior of competitors, and their pricing strategies. 

Market intelligence

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