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With practical use cases across a broad range of industries, we offer a perfect solution for businesses looking to stay competitive and make data-based decisions by using real time information. By using our tool to monitor prices, you can quickly and accurately identify trends and potential opportunities in your market. Whether you are looking to build a better pricing structure for your products or simply stay informed about your competitors, we have everything you need to stay ahead. 

Use Cases

We match and compare your products with competitors to find the best selling price in the market, giving you a head start each day. Our tool can monitor data globally with specific filters to give you the most wanted insights.


You can track when competitors launch promotions or discount their products to avoid the loss of your sales. Regular observation of your competitors’ prices helps to find their price revision, discount sizes, and other behavioral patterns.


We compare pricing across online and offline retailers to gain knowledge about competitors’ average markup and sales strategies. It can be used for better pricing negotiation with your suppliers, retailers and buyers.

Online & Offline

We can monitor the historic availability data of products in the stores. You can adjust your own pricing or discount policy according to the product’s availability in the market and get a competitive advantage.

Product Availability

Eye-catching and clear product descriptions gain customer attention and purchase consideration. Compare and upgrade your descriptions by adding the most important product features described on other websites.

Product Description

Build a successful pricing strategy by utilising the latest data analytics. Our powerful tools give you the insights you need to streamline your business, increase sales and drive results.


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